Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: I’m a New Resident at Rock Creek Village, are there any rules regarding moving in or out?
    • ALL new residents must send the following to Abaris Realty’s office:

      Abaris Realty
      7811 Montrose Road, Suite 110
      Potomac, MD 20854
      Attention: Billing Department

      • A New Resident Profile Form
      • A $100 Move-in/Move-out fee check made payable to Rock Creek Village
      • A copy of your Lease or if you are a new owner your Settlement Sheet should be sent to us by your title or escrow company.

    • Additionally, send a copy of your Resident Profile Form to with the subject line “New Resident” so that the onsite office can issue your parking permit, add your phone number to the building entry system, and register your pet.
    • Residents are permitted to move in or move out of Rock Creek Village only during the following times: Weekdays from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM; Weekends and holidays from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

    THIS IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT for all residents.

  • Question: Are new resident orientations being scheduled?
    • Due to the pandemic the office is closed to the public. Residents are encouraged to use the resident portal for any questions pertaining to Rock Creek Village.
  • Question: How can I sign up for Resident Portal access?
    1. Click Sign Up!
      1. Fill out the form (phone number is required).
      2. Select “I am tenant” or “I am owner”
      3. In the next box type in your RCV address and select it.
      4. Once submitted you will see “A confirmation link has been sent to your email. Please confirm your email address and wait for your community manager to verify your account. You will receive an email when you’re ready to log in.”
    2. Now check your email for the subject line “Please confirm your email address”
      1. Click the blue button “Confirm My Email”
      2. The link should open up and say “Your email account was successfully confirmed.”
      3. Click the blue button “login”
      4. Now you can login anytime using the information you registered with.
      5. Once you are logged in click “Do not show this again”
    3. If you have any issues with logging in or using the resident portal, please contact Greg, our website administrator, at
  • Question: How can I admit visitors through the Phone Entry System?
    • Once setup you will be able to admit visitors into your building by pushing “9” on your phone (Except on Grubb road. Grubb Road residents must push “6”).
  • Question: Why does the Management Office need keys to my unit?
    • Residents are required to turn in a set of working keys to the management office for their units. This is especially crucial if the locks are changed at any time…i.e., by a new owner. These keys will only be used in the case of emergencies or issued to authorized emergency personnel or authorized agents of the Council of Unit Owners. With the resident’s written permission, key release is also available to outside contractors and delivery man. To prevent unauthorized use of your keys, each key is coded. If emergency access is necessary and the unit owner or tenants have changed locks without providing a copy to management office and a working copy is not available within a timely manner, the unit owner or tenant must pay all associated cost relating to entry and damage to the unit or common elements or related liabilities because no key was provided.
  • Question: Is there a requirement for carpeting?
    • A Floor Cover Resolution passed by the Board of Directors on Sept. 15, 1986 states the following: “All unit owners, tenants, resident and occupants shall cover eighty percent (80%) of the floor area of their unit, except the kitchen and bathroom, with a minimum of one-half inch (½”) padding and carpeting or rugs.” All new residents have thirty (30) days from their move-in date to comply. At the request of a neighbor on a noise complaint, a carpet inspection will be conducted to ensure compliance.
  • Question: Are pets allowed?
    • Pets are welcome at Rock Creek Village Condominium. However, Article IX, Section 3(e) of the Bylaws states: “All pets shall be registered with the management office and shall otherwise be registered and inoculated as required by law. The Board of Directors shall have the right to order any person whose pet is a nuisance to remove such pet from the premises and the Board of Directors, after affording the right to a hearing to the unit owner affected, shall have the exclusive authority to declare any pet a nuisance.” There are 6 dog can stations for disposing of your pet’s waste while walking the common grounds.
  • Question: When is trash collected?
    • Regular trash collection is available Monday through Saturday. Bags must be disposed of using the designated trash totes found within 1 of 6 enclosures around the property. It is strictly prohibited to leave garbage or any other trash/bulk items on the curbside at any time. Violators will be subject to an automatic $100.00 fine in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the community.
  • Question: When is recycling collected?
    • Recycling collection is Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Recycling can be bagged, or disposed using either CLEAR, BLUE/GREEN PLASTIC BAGS which are available at most grocery stores and placed inside the toters found within 1 of 6 trash enclosure sites around the property.
  • Question: Is there extermination provided for pests?
    • Beginning February 7, 2022, Pest Control Club will take over extermination services. Now, residents can make their service appointment directly with PCC by emailing or calling 301-528-2550. This service is available to all residents every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month only. All requests must be received no later than a day prior to the service date. You should include what area should be treated and the type of pest being treated.
  • Question: How can I register for parking?
    • All vehicles must be registered with the Rock Creek Village Office and display a current parking decal/hangtag. There is no assigned parking, but parking permits are required to park in all Rock Creek Village parking spaces. Parking tags are color coded for Grubb Rd, Colston Dr. & Washington Ave. Decal/hangtag must be returned at the end of residency, or otherwise be charged a fee of $50.00 for replacement tags.
  • Question: Can I put a “For Sale” sign up for my unit?
    • “For Sale” signs may only be posted from Friday 5:00 PM until Monday 9:00 AM and all day on holidays until 5:00 PM. The following types are permitted: Window signs, two-legged metal signs and directional signs.
  • Question: Can I add a lockbox?
    • Lockboxes cannot be used permanently or long term. They are only permissible on a temporary basis when a property is up for sale or rent.
  • Question: Are there Architectural Controls?
    • In accordance with the Bylaws, any improvements or additions to a condominium unit or any alteration that affects the common areas or structural integrity of the building MUST be applied for and approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) or the Board of Directors if one does not exist. You can find the forms on the Documents page.
    • Once you’ve completed the form(s) you can submit them to management for Board or ACC review. It is advised that you submit these along with a project quote and photos of the materials that will be used. You can send these all to

Note that additional and more detailed information is available on the Rules and Regulations document.